The following is a list of online documents I’ve created which are related to various software, libraries, and applications.

Programming Languages

Python for Java Programmers
An online text for Java programmers to learn Python.

C++ Primer for Java Programmers
Provides an introduction to C++ assuming a knowledge of Java.

GNU C++ iostream Library
This file provides reference information on the GNU C++ iostream library (libio), version 0.64.


MIPS Reference
A basic reference for the MIPS processor used in a Computer Organization course.

MPI Library Reference
A basic reference of MPI library functions used in an introductory course.


LaTeX Reference Manual
A reference of the basic commands and environments used with LaTeX2e.

LaTeX2e Package List
This document provides information on various packages available for use with LATEX as distributed with the texmf distribution.


The 216 Colors of Netscape
The default palette used by Netscape consists of 216 colors. This document provides color swatches of those 216 colors.

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