My research interests are in several areas:

  • Parallel systems and algorithms
  • GPU programming
  • Parallel algorithms in Bioinformatics
  • Computer graphics and color quantization
  • Computer Science Education

Current Projects

The following is a list of some of my current research and pedagogical projects:

  • BeowulfCluster — I designed, constructed, and administer The Inferno: Washington and Lee University’s Beowulf Cluster which is used for a number of collaborative research projects.
  • Graphics Processing Unit — I am working with students on several projects to program the GPU to parallelize scientific applications.
  • Color Cut Quantization — I have worked on a new color image quantization algorithm for reducing the number of colors in a digital image while maintaining its appearance as much as possible.
  • Graphix Windowing Toolkit — The Graphix Windowing Toolkit (Gwtk) extends the GLUT graphics toolkit for the development of cross platform GUI-based graphics applications.
  • Parallel Python — I am working on a number of projects related to using the Python language for parallel computing.
  • Distributed Memory — I am working on a project to evaluate and implement a toolkit for adding pseudo distributed memory to MPI.
  • Cluster Interface — I am working on a project in which we are creating a a GUI user interface to act as a front-end for remote users, especially those unfamiliar with UNIX.
  • Network Simulation — NetSim is a C++ software package for creating virtual networks and simulating the actual Internet. The various components can be extended as needed to evaluate network protocols for research or as a simple teaching tool.
  • Course Techology — I have experimented with and studied the use of various software technology in the classroom.

Software Applications

In addition to the various projects listed above, I have written a number of software applications

  • EZBackup — create daily and weekly backups on Linux systems.

and several plugins and extensions for existing software applications:

  • Plugins and modifications for PmWiki
  • Plugins and modifications for phpBB
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