Honors Thesis

A New Real-Time Algorithm for Modeling Complex Surfaces Using Dynamic Meshing

Ezra Morse ‘02

Modeling complex surfaces in real-time is limited by the current constraints of technology. Applications must seek to reduce the number of polygons in a rendered scene to such a point that the frame rate remains uneffected. Thus, applications are limited to using texture mapping techniques that do not alter the geometric composition of the surfaces.

A new algorithm is presented to model complex surfaces, which will create real-time renderable surfaces with geometric alterations. This algorithm will improve the fixed interval meshing algorithm by utilizing a vertex minimazation algorithm. The subdivision algorithm subdivides a depth map and achieves an acceptable vertex reduction by creating a dynamic mesh that represents a surface accurately, yet still has a minimal amount of vertices.

This thesis also includes various algorithms that can be used to draw the surface from the dynamic mesh in the same manner that a pattern map is applied to a triangular shape. The end result will be a truly three-dimensional surface that can be rendered in real-time or near real-time, with both pattern mapping and bump mapping applied to it.

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