Senior Projects

In the past, the computer science major required the completion of a senior project. The following is a list of the projects I supervised.

  • A VRML View of Washington and Lee
    with Kevin Johnston (Fall 2001)
  • Computer Games using DirectX
    with Dan Comer (Fall 2001)
  • MATLAB and Me: Modeling Geologic Transformations
    with Jeffrey Paul (Winter 2001)
  • Satellite Image Acquisition/Compilation for Use in the Study of Earth Sciences
    with Jordan Morris (Fall 1999)
  • GLModeler for Linux: A simple 3D modeling utility for OpenGL/GLUT
    with Aaron Knoll (Winter 2001)
  • Implementation of a Web Based Testing Application Using PHP
    with Matthew Dugan (Winter 2001)
  • TraffiCopter: Your Personal Traffic Guide
    with Mills Palm and Matt OBrion (Winter 2001)
  • An Electronic Journal using PHP
    with Marlen Paschalidou (Winter 2001)
  • Modeling using VRML
    with Alison Simmons (Winter 2001)
  • Implementation of an Alumni Database with a Web Based Interface
    with Ryan Jancatis and Alex Gontcharov, with Professor Tom Whaley (Winter 2000)
  • Development of a Netscape Plugin for the Presentation of PPM Images
    with Robert Marmorstein (Winter 2000)
  • Monitoring Environmental Data via the Web
    with Thomas Weatherly (Winter 2000)
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